Zenato Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2015

Strawberry fields forever, soft rose petals and vibrant simplicity in a wine that's approachable and at the same time beautifully refined. Bright, lively ruby colour with violet reflections, delicate and inviting aromas of fresh strawberries, cherries and cranberry with rose petal accents framed by warm spices of vanilla and cinnamon, soft and fresh on the... Continue Reading →


From physics, to form, to music: A journey into varietal aromas in 3 red wines

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, a French nobleman and scientist from the 18th century known as the father of chemistry, discovered the Law of Conservation of Mass in which, in any closed system, matter is neither created or destroyed, but only transformed, meaning in chemical reactions, while parts are moved around, the overall quantity remains the same.... Continue Reading →

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Zinfandel

Big, juicy and plump with smouldering accents. Dark ruby colour, intense aromas of cherry, forest fruits and plum, sweet spices, cinnamon and vanilla, and toasted nuances of cocoa, on the palate well balanced with intense flavours, high acidity, mellow tannins, and a smokey, dry finish. Food pairings: This wine expresses depth in aromas but a... Continue Reading →

Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes 2009

Vibrant, rich and seductive. An enticing contradiction of sweet and savoury. Luminous and charged golden colour, rich aromas of candied peach, apricot, dates, raisins, orange blossom, honey and saffron with hints of flint stone. On the palate sweet and velvety balanced by high acidity and saline qualities, intense flavours with a clean, mineral finish and... Continue Reading →

Peter Jakob Kühn Troken Riesling 2013

Soft, fragile and delicate. Minimalistic finesse and charm with a sweet disposition. Luminous, almost transparent, straw yellow colour with green reflections. Subtle and refined aromas of wild flowers, chamomile, fresh cut grass, and candied kiwi and pineapple. On the palate soft and slightly sweet balanced by fresh acidity. Overall very delicate with a light body... Continue Reading →

Philipponnat Royale Réserve Brut

Abundantly regal and intense. At once sharp, structured and refined. An intriguing champagne expressing a clear predominance of Pinot Noir. Luminous straw yellow colour with gold hues, elegant perlage with fine, persistent bubbles. Warm aromas of citrus, mandarin, cranberry, orange blossom, magnolia, dried roses, dried apricot, vanilla, toasted and brioche. Subdued intensity on the nose... Continue Reading →

Malamatina Retsina

Uncompromisingly Mediterranean in its rustic simplicity and traditional flare. An antique revival for the wanderlust at heart. Bright straw yellow colour, straight forward and intense herbaceous aromas of rosemary, sage, and pine sap with a hint of pear, light and crisp on the palate with high acidity and minerality, finishing clean and easy. Food pairings:... Continue Reading →

Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet 2013

Superfluous, sentimental, immediate and fleeting like Valentine's Day romance. Overindulgent without commitment, gratuitous, sociable, unobtrusive and built to please. Dense ruby colour with violet hues, intense fruit forward aromas of cranberry, blackberry and cherry followed by notes of coffee, cocoa and vanilla and a slight chemical hint of nail polish. On the palate off dry... Continue Reading →

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