The Colours and Flavours of Puglia: A multi sensory experience

Apulia, or Puglia in Italian, is a unique kaliedoscope of vivid colours which paint the palatte of its places, its food and its wine. From the bright, turquoise sea contrasted by luminous, white limestone buildings to the deep purple grape bunches in the vineyards, it is certainly a visually stunning region. What effect might these colours have on our other senses?


Casa D’Ambra Biancolella 2018

The Amalfi Coast in a glass, a simple and refreshing wine from Casa D’Ambra on the island of Ischia, where heroic viticulture is part of the local heritage.

Binner La Salon des Bains Riesling 2016

Spontaneity in a glass in a Alsace Riesling that's vibrant, racy and alive. Rich, golden colour, luminous and dense, aromas of baked apricot, juicy peach, toasted nuts and caramel with hints of wild flowers and citrus fruit, on the palate it's intense but not lacking in finesse, high acidity and very mineral, balanced by a... Continue Reading →

Caravaggio interprets Bacchus

"All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography" -Federico Fellini Caravaggio, whose real name is believed to be Michelangelo Merisi, whose private life was full of promiscuity and scandal, who spent his later life fleeing a death sentence for murder, and who was to become one of the most celebrated Italian painters of... Continue Reading →

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